I remember the scent of burning earth and the velvet yellow of a torn sky.

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Abandoning an internship like an unmotivated asshole. I have lots of good reasons, it just wasn’t what I was looking for, but there’s almost nothing worse than feeling like I’ve let people down. I’m so embarrassed. I wish I’d never contacted them. Ugh. What a pattern. I did the same thing with that band, I did the same thing with another internship a while ago. I always peek through the door and make all these commitments and then realize it’s not what I want and flee. I can’t feel entirely bad for just listening to my intuition but ugh. I wish that intuition would come a little sooner in the process. -_-

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Dominion/Mother Russia by The Sisters of Mercy
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"Dominion/Mother Russia" | The Sisters of Mercy

I’m living in films for the sake of Russia 
A Kino Runner for the DDR 
And the fifty-two daughters of the revolution 
Turn the gold to chrome 
Gift … nothing to lose 
Stuck inside of Memphis with the mobile home, sing: 
Mother Russia 
Mother Russia 
Mother Russia rain down down down 

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Goth night.

Goth night.

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"When I was little, I asked my pastor if
Judas had been in love with Jesus.
He sent me back to my mother early, with
a note for her to explain “things.”
But no matter what anyone said, I couldn’t
be convinced that the Bible
was anything less than a love story.
(I kissed your cheek in front of them all
and in doing so, I think that I
damned the both of us. You,
to be left crucified and bleeding and
paying for my sins. Me, to be left
wandering and wanting and
never to see your face again.)"
K. Wright, Judas (via godfangs)
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Reblogging because watching Twin Peaks brought back my terrible over-use of thumbs up habit.

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If you ever feel bad about procrastinating, just remember that Charles Darwin spent 20 years of his life studying barnacles to avoid writing about evolution.

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"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (via observando)
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Missing open areas and nature and isolation. Missing the unforgiving desert that I, despite everything, still consider home. (And missing my animals let’s be real.)

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Close your eyes, open your mind.

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